Edinburgh University Wakeboarding and Waterskiing Club


EUWWC are a Full Member Club within the Edinburgh University Sports Union. The club was founded in 2008 and has seen good interest in all water sports since it began.
What is wakeboarding?
What's the difference between cable and boat sessions?
What is waterskiing?
Good question.
What is wakesurfing?
Where do we go to do them?
We run regular trips all year round to these amazing locations: - Loch Lomond Wakeboard - Boat - Foxlake Adventures - System 2.0 Cable - Waterski & Wakeboard Scotland - Boat
Do we allow students from outside the University of Edinburgh? Non-students? Staff?
Why yes, as it happens, we do! We are mainly an Edinburgh student club though so our logistics will be designed around University of Edinburgh student life.
Who are the BWSW? What have they got to do with us?
The British WaterSkiing and Wakeboarding people are the official organisation in charge of the two watersports here in the UK, and they make sure that standards are being kept in the sport as well as providing support for it. All the sessions attended by the EUWWC are at BWSW recognised centres which means we're not letting completely random people teach you badly.
Do we participate in BUCS? What's Uniwake?
No, there isn't a BUCS tournament for any of our sports at the moment but there are some lovely people running a different series of student competitions called Uniwake. Their current key events are Freshwake, SpringJam, and the Student Nationals.


Welcome to our shiny new 2016/17 committee, without further ado, here they are: President Alexandra Oates (Boarder/ Skier/ Driver) Vice-President Angus Greer (Boarder) Secretary & Publicity Emily Fairweather Treasurer Lucy Evers (Boarder/ Driver) Social Secretaries Ella Howlett Natalie Blackhall Alumni & Sponsorship Rachel Maguire Water-ski Captain Christian Diprose (Boarder/ Skier/ Dab hand at a lil pole dance too) Trips Convenor Erin 'Pigeon' Nolan (Boarder)


Membership costs £28 pounds for a year, and includes your first session free, trips to great destinations, and discounted prices at our sponsoring bars. We have weekly socials and drinks together, as well as annual Christmas meals and summer trips. Additionally we offer weekend trips throughout the year to Loch Lomond, which are always considered the highlights of the year. The club has seen great growth in the years that it has been up and running, with lots of new members keen to get out on the water. If you're interested in becoming a member, then sign up!
We have a myriad of trips organised throughout the year: Loch Lomond We stay in two neighbouring a cabins which sit right on the edge of Loch Lomond. We say cabins, they're more like chalets; both come complete 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and kitchen, oh and not forgetting the hot tubs and saunas. A great time is had by all, getting our watersport skills up to scratch during the day and chilling out at night. We watch a few movies, cook meals together, enjoy a good BBQ (weather permitting), challenge each other with dress codes (from 'worst dressed' to the infamous GLITTER), test each other on wakeboarding and waterskiing knowledge and have a few drinks. The guys at Lomond have a wide range of excellent boats, this allows us to practice a lot of tricks behind the boats. Wake surfing is also now available with the week long packages! Lastly, we even get treated to going out and watching the professionals show us how its done! It is not a trip to be missed. - all equipment hire (wetsuit/ jackets/ skies/ boards/ boats) is included in the price. Foxlake, Dunfermline and Glasgow Wake Park These are staple riding sessions and we go weekly, depending on demand. Foxlake is our local cable park, just 40 minutes from UOE, ideal for boarding with coaching and kickers available. Dunfermline lake is our local skiing joint, 30 mins from Uni, again coaching is available here behind our boat, but for both skiers and boarders!Lastly Glasgow wake park, slightly further a field, an hour away, but another great wake park, complete with kickers and coaching. Our first session of the season is the first week after Freshers. This is our come and try day, free to anyone who has purchased membership for the year. Sessions at all three locations are really useful if you're trying to improve your skill, or work towards tournaments, as you get coaching at both. Dunfermline also offers a full slalom course for the skiiers, as well as a full jump ramp. At these destinations you are sure to grow a loving relationship with the club drysuits - especially at the beginning and end of the season! Sheffield This is where the Uni wake competitions are held. It's a larger wake park and trips here bring phenomenal opportunities to meet wakeboarders from universities throughout the UK.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions! You can fill out the form or message us on social media below: